The Art Gallery at the LINCS Family Center

Proudly presents its "FIRST FRIDAY" SERIES

First Friday Event at the Gallery at the LINCS Family Center-  1/6/17

A Family Art Show

William O'Brennan and wife Susanna Chobanyan

William O'Brennan is a professor of the therapeutic science of Ped Reflexology and a Fine Art Master. He is the author of a new discovery in Reflexology Therapy. He shows his art work in Italy, Armenia, France, Germany, USA, and in UNESCO Nations.

He received UNESCO life membership, Hall of Fame status and passport 2013. He is expected for yearly shows in Paris and Armenia sponsored by UNESCO.

William uses closely guarded modern classic secrets of the 19th and 21st century, begun by M. Eugene Chevreul a French scientist colorist. O'Brennan is of the Breitenbach School of Germany and an impressionist.

Susanna Chobanyan is a writer and painter. She has published as an author in seven books such as "Face of America", "Message for America", and "Little Magic Christmas Tree". Her new books are all illustrated by her husband O'Brennan and herself. Now, newly translated "Souls Live Forever" is illustrated by Karen Paronyan, Susanna's son. Karen Paronyan is a sculptor. 

At The LINCS Center

Please note a program change for this 11/4/16 First Friday event at the LINCS Family Center. The art exhibit for the month will be Jellybeanstreet Children's Art. Come and learn about this exciting program, enjoy the Children's works of art, have refreshments and socialize. 7-9 pm

Artist bio: 

I am Becky Bennett, a Kindergarten teacher at Williams Township Elementary School in the Wilson Area School District and I am excited to share Jellybeanstreet with the Wilson community. I fell in love with the family run, Australian company, last fall and signed on as a creative director this summer. As a creative director, my role is to schedule, plan and instruct children’s painting workshops throughout the Lehigh Valley and Bucks County. I held my first workshops this past September and I am still in the beginning stages of getting people familiar with the concept of Jellybeanstreet.

Jellybeanstreet is a unique art experience that helps support children’s charities. Art workshops are held for children ranging in age from babies to 9 years old. During the hour long workshop, children paint with unusual items such as water balloons, toy cars, kitchen tools, spray bottles, etc. Each child creates 8 – 10 paintings (if not more) that are temporarily kept at the completion of the workshop. If parents choose, each painting is photographed and sent to a graphic designer who works with the parent to customize a look and color scheme to be developed into works of art. As part of this option, parents receive 3 (or more) custom designs that can be posted on the Jellybeanstreet website for purchase by friends, family, or art enthusiasts around the world. Businesses, hotels, and hospitals have even purchased the artwork as unique pieces with a story to add to their building décor. Every time a print is sold, 40 – 60 percent of the sale is donated to a children’s charity of the family’s choice.

For more information and actual pictures of the amazing artwork:

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